The Great Himalayan


Motorcycle holiday tour of the Saach Pass (4420m) is one of the most enchanting Himalayan journeys. This valley is not frequented by a lot of visitors and thus it still retains its cultural and traditional charm. This motorbike tour in the Himalayas takes you through and lush green plains of Kangra to the bright and colourful Chamba.

Itinerary summary

Day 1: Manali (2050m)

Day 2: Manali- Rewalsar Lake (1360m) 131kms

Day 3: Rewalsar Lake-Dharamsala (1457m) 155.8kms

Day 4: Dharamsala- Khajjiar (1920m) 120kms

Day 5: Khajjiar to Bairagarh via Chamba (2800m) 22+90kms

Day 6: Bairagarh to Killar via Saach Pass (4420m) 76kms

Day 7: Killar to Jispa (3080m) 152kms

Day 8: Jispa

Day 9: Jispa to Tsokar (4530m) 225kms

Day 10:Tsokar to Leh, (3500m) 152km

Day 11:Leh

Day 12:Leh- Kargil (2676m) 218km

Day 13:Kargil- Rangdum (3657m) 126.8km

Day 14:Rangdum- Padum (3669m) 103.5km

Day 15:Padum

Day 16:Padum- Kargil (2676m) 230.3km

Day 17:Kargil- Aryan Valley, 180km

Day 18:Aryan Valley to Leh

Day 19:Leh- Nubra (3048m) 160km

Day 20:Nubra to Leh (3500m) 160km

Day 21:Leh (rest day)

Day 22:Departure

  • High Passes
  • Discover Remote Villages
  • Ancient Monasteries
  • Stunning Mountain Vistas
  • Day 1
    Manali (2050m)

    After breakfast you will get to try out your bikes. Today we will visit some popular sights in and around Manali. This will help you to get familiar with your bike and also the Himalayan road and its turns. For Lunch we will stop at Naggar Castle, Naggar once used to be the capital of Kullu hence the Castle. The castle is now converted into a Heritage hotel and has a Museum. After lunch we head back to Manali and prepare for the days ahead.

  • Day 2
    Manali- Rewalsar Lake (1360m) 131kms

    An early morning start for Rewalsar Lake. Rewalsar is a holy lake and it’s revered by many. From Manali we will ride towards Kullu, from Bajaura we take a left and ride on a narrow link road. This is one of the most beautiful rides, the road doesn’t have a lot of traffic so most of the time it will just be us and the mountains. The ride takes us through enchantingly beautiful pine forest. We ride past some beautiful local villages. We get to Mandi, a busy little town; but cross it soon to enter another quiet valley all the way to Rewalsar. Check into the hotel and after freshening up go for a walk around the Prashar Lake and pay respects at the temple here.

  • Day 3
    Rewalsar Lake-Dharamsala (1457m) 155.8kms

    Another early morning start today as we have a long way to cover. The road is in a fairly good condition, with lots of curves. Some parts of this ride are really scenic. We ride through some busy towns like Jogindernagar, Paprola, Baijnath but we also ride through the quiet and beautiful tea plantations of Palampur. After freshening up you can go for a stroll in Mcleodganj. Dharamsala is where His Holiness the Dalai Lama has his residence; it is the capital of Tibet in Exile. You can visit his monastery, and then check out some of the famous cafes here.

  • Day 4
    Dharamsala- Khajjiar (1920m) 120kms

    It is a very scenic ride through the mountain side today as we try to avoid the main highway and ride on the ‘Pahari’ road meaning the mountain road. This may take a bit longer then the main highway but it is really worth it. Khajjiar is famous by the name ‘Mini Swiss’ of India. It is a beautiful location, where a small Lake is encircled by mighty Deodar trees. The air is crisp and fresh.

  • Day 5
    Khajjiar to Bairagarh via Chamba (2800m) 22+90kms

    We can have a relaxed start today as we don’t have a long distance to cover. This gives us more time to enjoy the beauty of Khajjiar. Once in Chamba, we can go and explore the Lakshmi Narayan temple Complex and also visit the Museum here. Leaving Chamba would take some time as it is busy town. Once we get out of Chamba, the road is smooth and the traffic is not so bad. After Chamba, all that we do is go up, up and up. Today, our ascent up to the Saach Pass begins. The road is smooth, the valley lush green. On the way we will come across the ‘Gujjars’ or Buffalo Herders either going up or coming back down depending on the time of the year that you travel. A lot of quaint little villages and fertile terrace fields are to be seen along the way. We stay overnight at Bairagarh Rest house.

  • Day 6
    Bairagarh to Killar via Saach Pass (4420m) 76kms

    After a well-rested night we prepare for the Saach Pass today. We check the bikes to make sure everything is working well and then we set off on an Epic Ride. Just before getting to Satrundi the Tarmac starts to disappear until it is no longer there. The road initially is dusty but good. At Satrundi we stop at a police check post and complete the necessary documentation. The road here onwards is rocky and dusty. As we start going higher towards the pass the view of the valley below is mesmerising. The pass suddenly appears on your right as you make left turn. There is little shrine here dedicated to ‘Jot Wali Mata’ meaning the Goddess of the Pass. After stopping here for a few minutes we head down towards Killar, the ride so far is nothing short of exhilarating. The road all the way to Killar is the same- rocky, muddy and dusty. The valley below is now narrow, yet fascinating and the ride a wonderful adventure.

  • Day 7
    Killar to Jispa (3080m) 152kms

    It will be an early start today as though we are not covering a large distance today, but we will be riding on road that comprises more or less of bull dust for a major part of the journey; thus we can’t ride fast. The route is picturesque, rugged, bare rocks on your left and 200m drop on the right. This could easily be classed as one of the toughest road in the world. There is never a lot of traffic on this road. You will meet the occasional public bus and a few jeeps. The landscape start to change as we get closer to Udaipur and just before entering Udaipur you come across a lovely young pine forest, this is famous as Mini Manali; the site is a local favourite for picnics. At Udaipur we stop in town to visit the Mrikula Devi Temple. Constructed in the 11 th century, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is believed that the temple was constructed from a block of wood by the Pandavas (from the time of the Mahabharata) during their time in exile. From Udaipur onwards the road all the way to Jispa is in good condition and we pass through some very scenic villages of the Pattan Valley.

  • Day 8

    After the tough and tiring ride of yesterday today is a well-deserved.

  • Day 9
    Jispa to Tsokar (4530m) 225kms

    After a relaxed and easy day yesterday, today will be a long day and we will start early. At Darcha we stop at the police check post and then continue up the winding road to Baralacha La (4890m) and then descend to Bharatpur for a quick chai break. Then we ride on one the most beautiful stretch of road on this journey towards Sarchu. After Sarchu we ride up to cross two more high passes the Lachulung La (5050m) and Nakeela Pass (4740m).

  • Day 10
    Tsokar to Leh, (3500m) 152km

    From Tsokar we retrace our route back to the main Manali- Leh Highway. Once on the highway we begin our accent of the Taglang La Pass (5328m). Then begins a wonderful curvy descent. Now onwards you will keep crossing Ladakhi villages and the road is smooth all the way to Leh.

  • Day 11

    After the long days ride yesterday today is a welcome break. After lunch you can go for some local sight- seeing or explore the different markets of Leh.

  • Day 12
    Leh- Kargil (2676m) 218km

    Although it’s a long day, the road is fantastic and the landscape has loads to offer. On the way you pass many tourist sightseeing regions like: Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Magnetic Hill, Sangam. The most popular stops en route are Lamayuru, where there’s a memorable monastery and the curious ‘Moonland’ erosion formations and Mulbekh (for its ancient carved Buddha statue).

  • Day 13
    Kargil- Rangdum (3657m) 126.8km

    Rangdum is the farthest and most isolated part of the Suru Valley. Rangdum is surrounded by colourful hills on one side and glacier-encrusted Rocky Mountains on the other. It falls mid-way between Kargil and Padum. The main attraction of Rangdum is the 18 th century Buddhist Monastery of the Geluk-pa order with about 40 resident monks. Perched atop a central hillock, which is surrounded by a wild mountain stream, the monastery has the aura of an ancient fortification guarding a mystical mountain valley. The entire day is a picturesque riding day.

  • Day 14
    Rangdum- Padum (3669m) 103.5km

    It’s another day of riding through some of the most amazing landscapes. The road is mainly off-road today. On the way we cross the Penzila Pass, which is the highest motorable pass of this area at 14000ft. It is primarily areas around this point that cut off Zanskar from rest of the world every winter that lasts 7-8 months. Driving some distance from here you catch the sight of the vast Drang Drung glacier, the 2 nd largest glacier in the region, largest being the Siachen glacier. After the descent from the pass you will start seeing summer camps of the Zanskar people, where they spend the summer months grazing their cattle. Small villages now start dotting the road side all the way to Padum.

  • Day 15

    Padum is the only town and administrative centre in Zanskar. It was historically one of the two main capitals of the Zanskar Kingdom, the other being Zangla. Padum is scenic and known for its Spartan splendour. The landscape acquires different hues with the change of time. After a relaxed morning we will ride to Karsha Monastery and take time to explore there. Karsha Monastery is one of the largest monasteries of the region and commands the most splendid view of the entire valley. Spend the afternoon strolling the streets of Padum.

  • Day 16
    Padum- Kargil (2676m) 230.3km

    This will be a long day. Today we retrace our route all the way back to Kargil, once again soaking in the magnificent view of the Zanskar and Suru Valley.

  • Day 17
    Kargil- Aryan Valley, 180km

    After taking the same route back towards Leh for some distance we will take a detour in to the Aryan Valley. Aryan Valley is mainly inhabited by the Brokpas, an insulated and confined ethnic group of pure race of Aryans present in the world today. Their dress, food habits, social and day to day life is quite different from other parts of Ladakh.

  • Day 18
    Aryan Valley to Leh

    A short ride will bring is us down to the main road. From here we ride on fairly good surfaced along the Indus river and passing through some beautiful little hamlets. We join the main Leh- Srinagar Highway at Khalsi. Then retrace our journey back to Leh.

  • Day 19
    Leh- Nubra (3048m) 160km, via Khardung La Pass (5602m)

    Nubra about 160km north of Leh is where the Shyok River meets the Siachen River to form a large valley separating the Ladakh and Karakoram Ranges. Today’s journey will take us over the famous Khardung la Pass, one of the world’s highest motorable passes at 5602m. The ride once again is nothing short of amazing. After refreshing we can visit the Diskit Monastery. Diskit is the oldest and the largest Buddhist monastery in the Nubra Valley.

  • Day 20
    Nubra to Leh (3500m) 160km

    In the morning ride a few kilometres to Hundar, here we can ride on the double humped Bacterian camel. Then we retrace our route back to Leh.

  • Day 21
    Leh (rest day)

    A day to relax. Go shopping for souvenirs or enjoy one of the many cafés and restaurants in Leh.

  • Day 22

    Early morning transfer to the Leh Airport.

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  • The Great Himalayan

    Motorcycle holiday tour of the Saach Pass (4420m) is one of the most enchanting Himalayan journeys. This valley is not frequented by a lot of visitors and thus it still retains its cultural and traditional charm. This motorbike tour in the Himalayas takes you through and lush green plains of Kangra to the bright and colourful Chamba. From here you ride into the mystical land of Pangi Valley via the famous Saach Pass and then you travel to Miyar valley, lastly pass through the fertile Pattan valley and then cross over to Ladakh- the land of lamas and high passes. This motorcycle tour takes on smooth tarmac to rough rocky roads, long stretches of bull dust and the exciting and tantalizing stream crossing. Saach pass opens be Mid-June and is closed off for traffic by the 15 th of October. It is probably one of most desolate passes that one has ever crossed and its beauty is un-matched. Embarking on this motorbike journey through the Western Himalaya is truly the experience worth it- the route is challenging and the landscape breath-taking.

    August- September

    Duration:22 days

    Difficulty Level:Demanding

    Trip Detail

    All riders must have a motorbike license and some experience.

  • Documents:

    You must bring with you appropriate travel insurance and document as follows.

    • Valid motorcycle license
    • Valid International driving license
    • You are required to bring your travel insurance policy with on tour. Please print off photos and keep it safe.


    • 350cc/500cc Royal Enfield
    • Fuel
    • Basic Spare parts for the Bikes
    • Mechanic
    • Tour Guide
    • Support Vehicle
    • First Aid Equipment
    • Breakfast Lunch and Dinner as mentioned in Itinerary
    • Accommodation as mentioned in Itinerary
    • Support Staff- Cook and helpers


    • Flights- International or Domestic, taxes, surcharges and handling fees
    • Travel and Cancellation insurances
    • Meals that are not mentioned in the program
    • Personal Expenses
    • Fuel
    • Cost of Major bike repairs in case of any damage.

    In fact we only expect you to bring

    • Good crash helmet
    • Goggles
    • Sunglasses
    • High Factor sun cream 30+ minimum
    • Lip Balm
    • Waterproof bike boots, shin and ankle protection
    • Protective trousers
    • Protective Jackets
    • Protective gloves
    • Wind proof and water proof trousers and jackets
    • Scarf or bandana to keep dust out of your nose and mouth
    • Warm Fleece
    • 10’c sleeping bag
    • Lots of thin layers
    • Warm hat
    • 6 pass port size photos

    In the Himalayas the weather can change at any time. During the daylight the temperature can be as high 30’c. But at night it can dip down to -5’c although it will most likely be around 0’c. It is important to bring layers rather than one big warm fleece.


    Himalayan Challenges (HC) is an operator of all Adventure Travel and sports shown on our website. HC is registered with the Department of Tourism and Civil aviation, Government of Himachal Pradesh, India.
    In respect of these Booking Conditions, “We/ Himalayan Challenges” and “You/ Participant(s)”- will be the person(s) whose name and details appear on the online booking form.

    1) Insurance:

    Before joining the tour we recommend that you take out travel insurance. This should include adequate cover for baggage, medical expenses, cancellation, helicopter evacuation and emergency repatriation. You must supply documentary proof of it to us before starting the trip. If you do not have travel insurance you must have a credit card with at least a US $5000 limit.

    2) Booking Confirmation:

    Your booking will be confirmed by email once we have received a deposit of 50% and the signed copy of booking form and contract. The balance is due no later than two months prior to departure. If you book a tour less than 2 month prior to departure, you must send the full payment within 7 days of confirmation by us.

    3) Terms of Cancellation:

    (a)All cancellations must be made in writing and signed by the person who signed the booking form and will be taken into account by the agency upon receipt of that letter.

    If you cancel, the following scale of charges will apply:

    2 months before departure Loss of deposit
    29 days to 2 months before departure departure 30% of total trip cost
    10 to 28 days before departure 60% of total trip cost
    Less than 10 days before departure 100% of total trip cost

    (b)If you do not show up at the meeting point specified on the agreed date, we will assume you have been delayed and will wait for you to contact us with your new expected arrival date. If you do not contact us within 48 hours we will assume you have cancelled the tour. There is no refund of any money paid.

    (c) The tour will not be cancelled unless we are forced to do so because of unusual or unforeseen circumstances, such as a major natural disaster, major political unrest or war. If we cancel the tour we will promptly refund all payments made to us including the deposit (less the unrecoverable costs such as air tickets cancellations). We shall not be liable to refund any additional expenses that you may have incurred (such as insurance, visas, vaccinations and other incidental costs).

    4) Refunds:

    (a)In case the journey is broken off early upon the client’s own wish or causes, Himalayan Challenges shall not be liable to any refund of the days not utilized. Clients will have to pay for hotel or any extra costs incurred after leaving the itinerary.

    (b)The trek information sheets and the dossier give information and conditions relating to the tour and are deemed to be part of the contract and so you should be fully aware of their contents. However, the itinerary is an indication of what the group should accomplish, but is not a contractual obligation- changes may be made because of exceptional weather, flight cancellations, sickness or other unforeseen circumstances. No refund will be given for unused services or unrealized dreams.

    (c)Himalayan Challenges shall not be liable to refund of any Bank charges deducted while making the bank transaction.

    5) Your Responsibility

    (5.1)Acknowledgement of Risk:

    It is a fundamental condition that you acknowledge that this is an adventure tour. This requires some flexibility. The day to day itinerary is taken as a guideline only. We cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by International or domestic flights, Strikes, Government regulations, weather or natural casualties. In such cases, Wild Himalayan Challenges shall be responsible for suitable alternatives which could be decided upon mutual agreement. If an agreement cannot be made, Wild Himalayan Challenges shall be responsible for refund after deducting expenses already incurred.

    (5.2)Physical Fitness:

    You confirm that you are in proper physical and mental condition before going on a Challenge/trek/tour with Himalayan Challenges. You confirm that it is your own responsibility to determine the ability to participate. If you are going on an Expedition a Doctors Certificate would be required stating that you are fit for such a tough and demanding experience. You also confirm that you will notify us about any medical condition or the use of prescribed medication that we should know about. It is your duty to notify us beforehand and is your responsibility to obtain medical advice as regards to vaccinations required for the trip.

    (5.3)Documents (just a guide)

    All participants must bring with them the following paperwork without which Himalayan Challenges may refuse them from joining their expedition:

    • Passport with at least six months validity.
    • Full driving license for your country of residence (if participating in Motorcycle Tour)
    • International Driving License (if participating in Motorcycle Tour)
    • Personal Travel Insurance (Copy should be brought on travel).

    Himalayan Challenges will take no responsibility if you are not allowed to fly due to inappropriate paperwork.

    In alliance with your expedition booking with Himalayan Challenges you agree to give authority to your expedition leader during your travels, where decisions may be needed for the benefit and safety of everyone.


    (a)You agree to abide by the authority of the leader. Signing the booking form implies your acceptance of the tour leader’s decisions which could affect the group or individuals. The tour leader will give you a complete briefing at your arrival about your journey with Himalayan Challenges. The guide or group leader designated by the agency reserves the right to expel at any time a group of person or an individual whose conduct may be regarded as affecting or endangering the safety or well-being of the group. No compensation or refund will be due to such individuals.

    (b)The client agrees to behave responsibly in environmental and cultural matters and agrees to follow proper hiking and camping etiquette while in the mountains and to act respectfully towards the people and customs of the region.

    6) Accommodation

    Room allocations are as per same sex twin-room sharing- double room for couples. Where a single room has been requested, a single room supplement will apply.

    7) Our Responsibility:

    (7.1)It is our duty to ensure to we deliver the trip you have booked with us to the best of our ability and the it precedes in accordance with the itinerary as stated on our website/ tailor made to your requirement, thereafter making sure as reasonable as possible your journey is unhindered en-route. Our itineraries have been designed with consideration to the environments in which we travel its people and its cultures. Participants’ should therefore realize that hygiene and safety standards in countries which you journey are far different to the standards of your own. However, Himalayan Challenges take care when booking locations, should offer the best of the area in which you stay and dine.

    (7.2)Any Participant(s) portraying acts of negligence on the expedition will not only risk their own life, but also that of their fellow participant(s) and will be cautioned. Repeated actions of the Participant(s) in question will have their trip terminated immediately and no refunds will be given. No refunds will be given to participant(s) who leave an expedition en-route. Himalayan Challenges will not be responsible for any traffic accidents caused through carelessness.

    (7.3)Due to the nature of our adventures and their locations- Himalayan Challenges reserve the right if deemed necessary, to divert the course of an already commenced expedition away from events (deemed harmful) to the safety of an alternative route.

    (7.4)Force Majeure- if for any unforeseen reason interruptions cause delay(s) en-route, preventing Himalayan Challenges from fulfilling their expedition obligations. Any additional expenditure incurred during the interruptions will have to be borne by the participant(s). However, we will do our utmost to rectify the situation into continuing on with the adventure.

    8) Complaints:

    Himalayan Challenges endeavors to supply you the best possible service on your journey, ensuring you have a great time. However, if you have a complaint during your expedition, please notify your expedition leader immediately in order to rectify the situation. If your complaint was unresolved, then a written letter should be sent within 25 days from the expedition completion date to: Himalayan Challenges, Hillco Building, Vill. Shuru, P.O. Prini, Manali, Distt. Kullu, H.P.

    9) Law and Jurisdiction:

    The Contract shall be construed in accordance with the Indian Law and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian Court; Manali, District Kullu, H.P. to settle any disputes, which may arise out of or in connection with this Contract.

    10) Currency conversion:

    All our prices are coated in US dollars. For Client comfort, we forward quotes in their local currency on request. This also depends on the Current Exchange Rate. We will Quote the Exchange rate on the Bill.

    11)When making your booking it is implied and accepted that you have read and understood all these booking conditions and agree to abide by them.

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