Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking through a medley of Himalayan landscapes will wear you out, but also leave you imploring for more. Mountain biking can become an adventure if you really love to seek new surroundings. It can be quite an expedition to bring out that explorer in you. The Great Indian Himalayas enclose some of the best cycling escapades that a cyclist looks for in its adventure trip. Himalayan Mountain biking in India works as a pretty good adventure experience for those who love to explore that unbeaten tracks and not so frequently visited paths.
Mountain biking in India of-course requires fitness as the Indian terrain is both rugged and rough, especially north India. The balancing act is also important, as good balance will also help you to climb steep pitches.

Himachal sustained
26th July- 9th August
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Himachal Demanding
28th June- 10th July
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