About Us

Himalayan Challenges is a private travel organization found in Manali in the year 2011 by Ms. Disha Thakur and Mr. Prakash Negi, who are both natives of Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

We are very proud to be an ethical company and we also take great pride in our staff, who work hard to make your experience one of the best. We are also the first company of its kind in the region, as although we provide trekking and touring facilities, we also design and manage Challenges for Charities, Schools and other Organisations and thus help them to organize fundraisers from all over the world.

We also strongly believe in promoting Responsible and Sustainable Tourism. We promote sustainable tourism to all our customers. Himalayan Challenges is all about combining a passion for travel with a passion for sharing this experience with others and in our own little ways trying to promote responsible tourism.


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Team Member

Disha Thakur


Bitten by the trekking bug when she was a college student at the tender age of seventeen, Disha has since trekked as much as possible in the Himalaya whenever she could get away from studies. Her best and favourite trek to date is the ‘Bara Bhangal trek’. Determined to set up a company herself and spend the rest of her life trekking and bringing this opportunity to others, Disha got a Master’s Degree in International travel and Tourism Management from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford in 2008 and after spending a few years in the UK moved back to Manali, her hometown to make her dreams a reality.


Prakash Negi


If adventure sports could run through someone’s veins then Prakash would have it running through his! There is probably no sport he hasn’t indulged in. Twice National Gold Medallist in Ski, a certified Mountaineering Instructor, he also trained to be a Heli Skiing Guide for few years, probably the youngest person to have covered the Manali to Leh route (at least four times) on a mountain bike. These days he enjoys rock climbing or bouldering and mountain biking at every opportunity he gets.

Karan Thakur

Expedition and Motorcycle Guide

Karan (Disha’s younger Brother) has had a love for motorbikes ever since he can remember. All he needs is an excuse to set out on a motor biking adventure be it by himself, his friends or a group of travellers. Karan has also leaded several Mountain Expeditions in the area, especially Stok Kangri (6053m) which he has climbed numerous times. He is a native of Manali and knows the mountain well. He has a good sense of humour and is always happy to help.